torsdag 20 januari 2011

Brütal Legend

So I just finished the game Brutal Legend on my ps3.
You know those rare moments after you have finished a game and you just think "Holy fucking shit, this game is motherfucking awesome" and that is exacly what this game was.
As a regular game its nothing special, But the thing that elevates this one is the design and soundtrack.
Its the only game out there fully focusing on nothing but metal and that is awesome as shit.

Because this is my first post there is something you should know about me:
Im your dream, make you real
Im your eyes when you must steal
Im your pain when you cant feel
I know its sad you guys, but its true

Metal is fucking awesome.

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  1. >So I just finished the game Brutal Legendc
    >So I just finished the game
    >finished the game
    >the game


    Nice blog btw.